Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions people have asked us. If you have a question that is not listed here, please feel free to call and speak to your coach.

Plan Questions:

Q. How long will the plan take me? How long in the first Step? 
A.  It depends on how much you have to lose and how committed you are to reaching your goals.  When you reach 100% of your goal in Step 1, then Step 2 is your transition step.  Each week you will be getting a new food group back into your daily diet.  Step 2 is a four week plan.  Step 3 is Success For Life.   It is important that you go through all Steps of the plan.  Your length and success on the plan is determined by you staying compliant.  Actual weight loss will vary.  Based on your gender, body metabolism, age, and if you are on medications, etc.

Q. How will I feel the first couple of days when on the regular plan?
A.  When on the regular plan your body may respond differently.  We have a document in your dieter’s folder called Potential Symptoms and Body Responses.  You may feel a little light headed, fatigued, headache or hunger.  Make sure you review this document before you start.  It has hints to help you through these first couple of days.  Also ask your coach for any suggestions.  

Q. Are there rules about what ITG products to have and when on the plan
A. You can have any ITG meal at any time as per the plan; the only rule is that you are only allowed 1 Limited ITG food per day.  You can switch your lunch and dinner around depending on your work schedule and daily activities.  You can also add your snack into any part of the day.  If you eat a late dinner have it mid-morning or late afternoon.  You can also have one of the non-limited products as an extra packet at any time.  Have one of the fruity drinks.  They are under 100 calories with an average of 15 grams of protein.

Q. Can I skip some of the vegetables because I am full?
A.  You need to eat all of your vegetables throughout the day.  If you cannot eat them all in one meal spread them out.  Have some in your omelet for breakfast.  Have some fresh veggies in a zip lock bag to snack on during the day.  Something crunchy like broccoli or cauliflower, a cucumber is also a great snack and helps you get your daily vegetables in for the day. 

Q. Can I have an extra ITG food if I am hungry?
A.  Yes, if you are hungry, have an extra ITG Diet protein.  We recommend having one of the lower carbohydrate products like the drinks, puddings or light snacks.  See the Limited List in your dieter’s folder.

Q.  What can I do for constipation? 
A.This can result from your lower food intake amounts.   Make sure you are drinking your daily required water.  Eat all of your vegetables and the required amount of oil.  We have a product called Colon-Lax that is a gentle stool softener that is very effective.  You can also use sugar-free Benefiber to help relieve the constipation.

Q. Can I use salad dressings? 
A. Walden Farm products are the only dressings approved to use with the ITG Diet. But we encourage you to create your own with olive oil, vinegar, lemon, spices, etc. 

Product Questions:

Q.  Do you have Soy Free products?
A.  Yes, we have a list of our Soy Free products on the Nutritional Information Sheet in your folder.  Please note that if you have severe allergies you should check the ingredients of the product before ordering.  

Q.  Do you have Gluten Free products?
A.  Yes, we have a list of our Gluten Free products on the Nutritional Information Sheet in your folder.  Please note that if you have severe allergies you should check the ingredients of the product before ordering.  

Q. Do you have Kosher products? 
A.  Yes, we have several products that are Kosher certified.  See your Nutritional Information sheet in your dieter’s folder to see which products are Kosher.

Q.  What is a Limited ITG food?
A.   A Limited food is one of the ITG foods you can only have once a day.  This is based on carbs, calories and product.  On Step 1 you are limited to only one of these products per day.  Examples are the bars, snacks, spaghetti and Nacho Pasta.   See your Nutritional fact sheets in the Nutritional Information Sheet in your dieter’s folder for more detailed information.

Q. Can I use another protein powder while on Step 1?
A.  If you want to participate in the ITG Diet it is recommended to use the ITG Diet products.  The plan and the products are designed to give you the proper amount of carbohydrates, calories, and protein per day.  If you start using other products while on the plan our coaches will not be able to know exactly what you are consuming and what is in those products.

Coaching Questions:

Q.  Can you explain what coaching entails?
A.  You will have weekly follow up visits with your clinic coach.  Make sure you bring in your Daily Food Diary each week.  They will measure and weigh you and offer guidance and support.  Your coach wants to see you be successful not only to lose the weight but keep it off the rest of your life.  

Q. Do you have a general range of the costs?
A.  Your average cost for meal is from $3 to $4 per meal.  The average cost per day for your ITG foods will be $10- $12 per day.   Many people would spend that alone on a salad for lunch with a beverage, tax and tip.

Is losing weight on the ITG Weight Loss Plan safe?

Yes, it is a safe diet.  Before starting the diet you must fill out a Health Status Intake Form for your coach to review.   We also have a document, Contraindications to the Plan.  It lists any contraindications listed to make sure the plan is right for you.  However as with any major change in your diet we recommend that you consult with your physician before starting any diet or weight loss program.