Nutritional Information

Protein Nutritional Values Most of us think of seafood, beef, poultry and pork as protein sources, yet many of these protein foods also contain carbs and fats to watch out for.  Our examples of Nutritional Values in various proteins may vary based on preparation methods and type of cuts… see more

Vegetarian Protein ChoicesNutritional Information Many commercial vegetarian protein choices are available, yet one should read the nutritional labels carefully.  Many commercial vegetarian protein foods are loaded with carbs and fats, some as high as 26 carbs in a veggie…  see more

ITG Foods Nutritional Information  Revised 9/22 with NEW PRODUCTS    (NEW)

This matrix of ITG Diet Foods lists calories, protein, carbs, fiber, fat, sugar, sodium, potassium and shows you how many foods we have that are Gluten Free, Soy Free and even Kosher products. Also note than when you are on the ITG 3 Step Plan we have many foods that are unlimited choices…see more

ITG Foods Allergen Matrix

This is a great quick reference tool if you have any Allergies.  If you have very specific allergies we recommend using this as a guideline and then clicking on the actual products in our shopping cart to review all ingredients in the product...see more.

ITG Kosher Products

Yes, we do have some Kosher products.  See ITG Nutritional Information for Kosher Products ...see more

ITG Protein Daily List   Updated 9/22/2023 With New products 

This is a list of all of ITG products that are Limited or Unlimited. This is your guide to help you determine your mix of products to purchase while on the program.  The regular plan is 3 of the ITG Foods per day.  You would have only one of the Limited products per day to keep your carbohydrates at a minimum…see more

ITG Protein Product Photos

This shows you in a snapshot all of our ITG Protein products.  These are categorized into: Drinks, Smoothies, Breakfast Choices, Puddings/Shakes, Soups, Pastas, Bars, Specialty, and Crunchy Snacks…see more