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Step 3 Interview - H. Davis's Success For Life

H. Davis is a successful Step 3 ITG Dieter. She had worked hard on another program to reach her goal weight but fell short for a while, not seeing any movement on the scale. She started the ITG Diet Plan and didn't think she'd reach her goal, but actually went 5 pounds past her goal! She was able to quickly and efficiently surpass that goal weight and has kept it off in Step 3 of the program for two months now - and has even lost another 2 pounds in the process! She credits her success to her dedication while on the program and the invaluable coaching she received. Read the full ITG interview below.


ITG: What motivated you to lose weight on the ITG Diet Plan?

H. Davis: I had already lost 7 pounds on my own and couldn't lose anymore. After the holidays I was determined to try again with something different, so I looked into ITG.


ITG: What made you decide on the ITG Diet?

H. Davis: I had read about it and needed more accountability. The coaching gave me that!


ITG: How much weight did you lose overall?

H. Davis: I have lost 16 pounds in a very short time.


ITG: Did you have any medical issues or medications prior to starting the diet, and if so, has your weight loss impacted those issues or medications?

H. Davis: I still have medical issues, but my doctor is very pleased with my weight loss and overall general health.


ITG: What did you find easiest about the program in Steps 1 & 2?

H. Davis: It wasn't easy initially, but I was determined to stick with the plan. Because I already loved vegetables, I was able to incorporate more in my overall eating plan. The first week was difficult for me because I wasn't used to eating the lower amount of calories each day, but after the first week I was feeling ok.


ITG: What have been some of your challenges on the program in Steps 2 & 3?

H. Davis: My biggest challenge was with sweets. I love sweets and fruit! I was eating too much of the wrong fruits before though. I ate a lot of bananas, but those and grapes are high in sugar so I had to cut those out for now, and not eat three apples a day as I was doing in the past. I also cut out nuts because I would overeat them. Once I came to grip with these decisions and changes, I was able to stay within the range of allowable foods and make some better choices overall.


ITG: Do you have any challenges or weight gain in Step 3? If so, how do you get back to your goal weight?

H. Davis: My only setback which was small was when I took a trip abroad. I ate everything that I wanted. However, I also did a lot of walking and still drank my water every day. Upon my return, I visited my coach for a weigh-in and had gained 2 pounds. I immediately went back to my Step 1 plan and those extra pounds came right off by the next week. Also, unexpectedly, I have lost another 2 pounds in Step 3, so I am very pleased! Using the ITG Bars also helps me stay on track, especially with my sweet tooth.


ITG: What advice would you give others who are thinking about starting the ITG Diet Plan?

H. Davis: You can do it, you just have to make up your mind. I take my breakfast with me to work, and my lunch as well, so I'm not tempted to cheat and that has really helped me a lot. I feel full. In Step 3 now, I have one day a week when I get to eat what I want, but the next day I am back on track with my Step 3 portioning. I purposefully buy groceries that now support my new lifestyle change and eating habits. If I don't buy it, I won't eat it!


ITG: What would you tell someone who says they aren't sure they can afford the diet?

H. Davis: It is worth it because you get your life back. It wasn't as bad as I thought so I am happy because it didn't break my budget at all.


ITG: What are some of your favorite tips to help you maintain your goal weight in Step 3?

H. Davis: I plan my meals, I drink my water, and I have incorporated walking or I go to the gym at least 4 days a week. I carry my snacks with me if I am away from home so I don't get super hungry.


ITG: How long have you been in Step 3? Have you had to do a Step 1 tune-up while in Step 3?

H. Davis: I have been in Step 3 about 4 weeks now and I only had to do a tune-up once when I got back from my 10 day vacation.


ITG: On a typical day of Step 3 - Maintenance, tell us what your food menu looks like.

H. Davis: Breakfast is egg whites (I measure everything too), sauteed mushrooms, bell pepper, and coffee with some Stevia. Lunch is a small salad, cup of soup (I still like ITG soups!), a small apple and maybe yogurt for my snack during the day. Dinner is always lots of vegetables sauteed with small grilled chicken breast and maybe a little extra protein after dinner. Sometimes I have a hard boiled egg for a snack if I'm really hungry during the day.


ITG: What does your reward day look like in Step 3? Do you reward yourself more than one day per week?

H. Davis: My rewards vary, but that is when I'll have something like a bread or something like a fancy dessert for a sweet treat. And no, just one reward day per week is all you need to have something to look forward to!


ITG: How often do you eat at restaurants in Step 3, and how do you order your food when you dine out?

H. Davis: I eat out during the weekend and there is so much I can order that I don't seem to ever have a problem. I go to all kinds of restaurants with friends and don't have a problem with the selections. 


ITG: Do you ever eat fast food, and if so, what do you order?

H. Davis: Yes, sometimes I am forced to get fast food. I love Wendy's Caesar Salad with Chicken, most times I will order the half portion and I don't eat the croutons.


ITG: Do you look at nutrition labels when shopping, and if so, what items on the label are you looking at?

H. Davis: I look at the carbs and sugars, along with salt content and the number of calories per serving to determine if it's something I will eat.


ITG: If you are in a hurry, what is your favorite, quick, go-to meal?

H. Davis: I will choose a salad if I'm out and about, or some type of sandwich but will order as a wrap to minimize carbs instead of having bread.


ITG: Do you stick to whole foods? Do you eat any processed foods such as boxed or canned items from the grocery store?

H. Davis: I mainly stick to whole foods now, I look at how much sodium is in the processed food and it is just too much.


ITG: Have you new eating habits affected healthy changes with other members of your household?

H. Davis: No, they already eat pretty healthy.


ITG: Has your opinion of your self-worth changed? Not superficially, but do you feel like you are stronger minded, more resilient, self-compassionate or more proactive? If so, explain.

H. Davis: I feel better and I really like how I look in my clothes. I am more confident now that before, that's for sure!


ITG: Is there anything else you'd like to say about any aspect of the ITG Diet Plan?

H. Davis: The plan has definitely provided me with a blueprint for eating properly that I can and always will use to make sure I stay right around my goal weight!

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